Saturday, August 28, 2010

Art Deco Party Food Picks - Talisman Designs

Take a look at these super stylish, disposable food picks by Talisman Designs. I've been eyeing these for months and finally ordered them this week. Got them yesterday and they are darling! I was excited to see that the orange/rust colored picks are really more orange in person. I'm going to use the orange and blue skewers to make caprese salad skewers (similar to this), although there are a ton of things you could do with them...load them with cheese, let guests use them to pick up food (like below), string with fruit or olives to float in drinks...

These are going to look so special on this white, Food Network serving plate on top of aqua linens. I purchased them on Amazon - but I think I bought the last one. I also found them here.

Check out some of the other colors they offer below.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Better Bit Of Butter Cookies - Custom Cookies for Baby Shower

While browsing the Amy Atlas Events website one day, I read about Better Bit of Butter cookies. To say I fell in love is an understatement. Take a look at the divine cookie masterpieces below (and admit it, you're in love too!) They are cookies and art pieces wrapped into one. Just have to have them for the upcoming shower.

I immediately contacted BBB and within a day or less, Christine Mehling herself contacted me back. I asked if she did custom work...and of course, she does! We've been in touch several times to talk about what I'm looking for and she even asked me to send over samples for design inspiration.

I thought this would be a perfect addition to my food/dessert/special goodie table - something sweet (who doesn't love cookies?), something easy to pick up and something that will make the table look high designed. While I haven't tasted them yet, I've read so many great things about the taste. And, Amy wouldn't recommend them if they weren't the cream of the crop!

Christine is working on two custom designs for me now - can't wait to see! I probably won't unveil these one of a kind delights until after the shower - want them to be a super special surprise. I'm getting the Mini BBB's like below, but she also does full size cookies.

Thanks for the tip Amy Atlas!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cambria Cove - Mini Ceramic Candle by Voluspa

First, I just love the website/store Cambria Cove. It's filled with so many little delights and is just my kind of online store to browse. I love the unique gift ideas, home goods, jewelry...I can get lost on here. It's a "must-visit".

I was shopping here the other day and came accross these darling Voluspa candles.

If you've never smelled Voluspa's candles or oils - they are heavenly. You can find the most unique, long lasting scents and thier packaging is out of this world. Getting (or giving) a Voluspa candle is such a treat...feels like a real special, luxury gift.

I couldn't believe when I saw the sale price for these candles. Granted, they are pretty small, but the quality and the packaging alone makes them worth more than that. I think the regular price of around $15.00 is really fair for what you get. I got the blue - Pagoda and the yellow - Lemon Lily. The Pagoda smells so good...a tiny bit of fruit, a little bit of nature and a little bit of musk. It's the perfect blend. I haven't smelled the Lemon Lily because they come sealed so the lids don't come off and I don't want to break another seal. I know it smells great though - have never smelled a Voluspa that didn't smell good.

Run to your computer and scoop some of these up - if they are still available. I got about 6 and wish I would've bought 20. Such a great thing to have around the house when you need a cute little gift for someone special.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mini Sneak Peak - Baby Shower Theme

Just another mini sneak peak of shower goodies and colors. Everything is coming together nicely. Can't wait for time with girlfriends and a celebration of two new wonders coming into the world!

One of the many adorable designs by goodfrau who has been absolutely amazing to work with. Check her out!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

kalla Design - Custom Fabric for Baby Shower

I wish I could tell you exactly how I found kalla Design, so I could thank whoever directed me to her. I'm thinking it might have been on Etsy, because I know she sells there, but just not sure. Anyway, Hitomi Kimura, the master behind kalla Design, is a talented textile artist and surfaces designer in Japan. She does custom designed, hand dyed, screen-printing on fabric, other textiles, fashion pieces, wallpaper, stationery and packaging.

I couldn't believe it when I found the fabric on the purse above. I immediately contacted her to see if she could whip me up some of this awesome fabric to go right in line with my theme for the baby shower in October (remember the cups from my last blog entry?). I didn't know if she would sell in smaller quantities, but she does.

She is so awesome to deal with and even tweaked the color of the fabric to match my colors exactly. I was surprised at how quickly she communicated with me - considering she's in Japan and there's quite a time difference. I got the fabric in hand in about a week - maybe less. It's gorgeous and super durable. It's a sturdy linen type fabric and is so special. Wait and see how I use it in the shower in a couple of months! Thank you for a great buying experience, Hitomi - and for beautiful work!

Here are some more samples of her work:

Check her out at or follow her on her blog at

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oooh Baby Baby...Baby Shower for Girlfriends

I'm throwing a double baby shower for two of my college girlfriends in October and I'm so excited about it. I want to make it really special for two very special people. I'm going to start showing "sneak peaks" of items I've picked up for the shower and then once it's over I'll post pics from the entire event, as well as a resource list of the things you see. I've found so many great vendors/designers during this process and can't wait to share them with you.I'm in love with these cups from Pier One . I found them in late Spring and bought a bunch. Everytime I go back in, I have to buy more (Beware though, if you want some you better act fast. They are on sale and I know won't last much longer). This turquoise color makes me happy...and this design is right up my alley - sort of modern/geometric.

I decided I was going to do the shower in aqua/turquoise and orange. These colors are really hot right now and will bring a modern twist to the shower...something fresh and different than simple pink and blue (although those colors can be so darling too!)

When I started thinking about the decorations and invitations I thought - oooh, this design would be great. So, my designer ran with it and used it all over the decorations. Stay tuned for more sneak peaks!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Brown County Indiana - Relaxing Retreat

My hubby had a mountain bike race this weekend in Nashville, IN at Brown County State Park, so we spent the weekend there. We enjoy visiting BC because you really feel like you're away from it all - without having to drive very far. It's like a tiny Gatlinburg (or so I hear). While I've always been more of a city girl at heart, I also love getting away to the country/nature to relax and recharge. The older I get, the more I appreciate the slower life.

One of the beautiful views inside the park...

Below are a few of our favorite places...

Fun place to stay - Hilltop Suites. We've stayed in the Tranquility Lodge and the Whippoorwill here. Nice, homey, cabin feel, great view, easy to get to, friendly staff, bonfire pit, private decks, gas and charcoal grills, close to downtown and the park. Highly recommended it. We've stayed in other places, but we like the feel of this place best.

Muddy Boots Restaurant. YUM! This place is an earthy, eclectic place with really awesome food downtown Nashville. I love the hummus and pita, the bean soup and the chicken artichoke wrap with chipotle mayo***. My hubby likes the grilled chicken focaccia, the bean soup and Norb's grilled cheese. They have the most divine looking desserts, although we haven't tried one yet - next trip! Another favorite restaurant (can you tell we like to eat), about 20 mins from town is the Story Inn in Story, Indiana. It's a must try if you are ever in that area. A truly unique place (with great food). The town of Story...well the inn and restaurant are the WHOLE CITY. There are rooms/cottages to stay in, event rooms/barns, a tavern, and, of course the restaurant (which is in an old general store). Many of the items on their menu are grown right in their garden on site...and the other ingredients are all from local vegetable, dairy and animal farmers.

Below is their definition of Story from their website. 1.A quaint village founded in 1851, nestled in the hills of southern Indiana, a place known for its weather-beaten barns, clapboard churches, covered bridges and splendid fall foliage.

2.A gourmet restaurant, a/k/a "Story Inn," formerly a turn-of-the-century general store, open year-round for breakfast, lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch, offering an exquisite selection of domestic and imported spirits, wines and beers (reservations required for dinner).

3.The Midwest’s premier country inn, offering comfortable and beautifully renovated historic rooms or cottages, many with hot tubs.

4.Any number of ideal venues for weddings, business meetings, banquets or other special events, including, inter alia, a restored century-old barn.

5.A place full of history, like the Story Still, a gathering place in the cellar of the Old General Store, aptly named for the area's prohibition-era bathtub gin.

There are so many other things to do in Nashville/Brown County...vineyards, music, theatre, shopping, art, horseback riding, swimming, camping, hiking, mountain bike riding...check it out and take a trip sometime.

***I love to make chipotle mayo at home. So easy: cut up 1-2 chipotles in adobo (depending on how spicy you like things) and combine them with 1-2 cups of mayo (I like to use reduced fat to be a little healthier). Lasts a long time in fridge. Is simple, but feels sort of fancy.