Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Build A Personalized Candle

What a cute idea! Who doesn't like a great smelling, nice looking candle? And one custom made by a friend or loved one would make it even more special! I'm not sure how I came across this site, but so glad I did. At you can build personalized, custom candles.

First, you pick the occasion/intention for your candle - love, wedding, friendship, etc. Then, choose your color. Each color comes with a positive description of what that color represents. Next, choose the scent. There are three pages of scents to choose from...fruit scents, floral/aromatherapy and nature/spice scents. At the forth step add your own personal message. The final step is where you choose the packaging. You can simply purchase the candle alone with your custom certificate, or a deluxe set that includes a nice gift box, the candle, a matchbox and your custom certificate.

This would be a really cute Mother's Day gift! I'm working on some for a couple of special friends.

Here is an example of one I put together this morning:

Intention : Friendship - To express my appreciation for your friendship and let you know how much I value the bond we share.

Color: Sky (light blue) - Representative of tranquility; healing; patience; happiness; intuition; domestic harmony; peace; safe travel; security; reliability; intelligence; dignity; maturity; solidity' practicality.

Fragrance: Oceanside -Like a wave crashing on the shore, this clean, bracing scent refreshes and exhilarates.

Personalize: We miss you guys! Look forward to getting together and catching up. How about a trip to the beach soon? Love you!

A few other colors (there are 14 to choose from):

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Must Have Jeans/Denim

I'm launching my first post with an all time Cute Little Find - one of my favorite fashion necessities...JEANS - or denim as many fashionistas now like say. Whatever you like to call them, blue jeans have become a fashion staple that has a place in every season's trend line up. The wash/color, rise, fit, embellishments...may change, but one thing is certain...denim is here to stay!

I love that jeans are so versatile and such a widely accepted wardrobe piece these days. You can wear a pair with tennis shoes and a t-shirt when you're feeling sporty; with sandals and a cozy top when feeling casual or beachy and even with a flirty top and a great pair of pumps when you want to dress things up.

My favorite jeans, MEK Denim were introduced to me a few years ago by an old friend and blogger extraordinaire, Angie. Angie is a photographer, fashion designer and jewelry designer and has a great sense of style. She has an awesome blog at where she too shares tons of great finds. Since being introduced to this line I have accumulated quite a collection. (Thanks Ang!)

MEK jeans come in many rinses, fits, styles and sizes. No matter what size I am (and that changes too frequently), I can always find a MEK to fit me! And, most importantly - for mommy long legs here - is that I can get them in as long as a 36" inseam! The best place I've found to get them is
Buckle. If they don't have the style/size you need they can order them for you for free. And, they custom tailor jeans for free too so if they are a little long they will take them up and you'll have them back in just a few days.

The next time you are in the market for jeans...or even if you're not...try
MEK Denim. You won't be disappointed. Thank you for reading my first Cute Little Finds post. Most of my posts won't be this long, but it's hard to talk about such an important fashion essential in a few short words. You can bet that you'll be seeing more denim posts in the CLF future!

A Few of my favorite MEK styles (shown in order):

1. The MEK Oaxaca Boot Stretch Jean (front & back)

2. The MEK New York Boot Cut Stretch Jean (front & back)
3. The MEK Island Harbor Easy Boot Stretch Jean (front & back)