Thursday, May 27, 2010

Need a shaker bottle? Get a Blender Bottle!

I love my Blender Bottles! I use them mainly for protein shakes (Beverly International is the ONLY brand I drink. My favorite is the Ultimate Muscle Protein...all flavors are wonderful!) I use one at least twice a day. They are made of super durable, thick plastic, have a tight fitting seal (no leaks) and have a magic metal ball inside (like a whisk) that breaks up any lumps.

While many people think of shaker bottles just for protein drinks, the Blender Bottle can be used to mix up omelets, pancakes, dressings, gravies... or as just a simple water bottle.

They come in tons of vibrant colors. I even bought red a green ones for some friends/family for Christmas as an extra little gift. Tied up with red, green and metallic ribbon, they made for a really cute and simple gift.

If you need a shaker bottle...try the Blender Bottle. You won't be disappointed! You can find them at or do a search for Blender Bottle...there are a lot of online stores that sell them as well.

My two personal favorites are:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Athleta Dipper Pant & Shorts

My Athleta Dipper Pant is my all time favorite "every day" pant. While I LOVE fashion, and getting dressed up, we dress really casually at work most of the time. This pant is a nice, sporty pant, but with a more refined look and feel - sporty dressed up.
The Dipper is not your every day athletic pant. The fabric is super strong and sturdy, washes great (color never fades) and comes in tall, regular and petite sizes. The pockets on the back are really flattering, especially for a flatter booty. Also, for athletic girls that have muscular legs and a small waist, there's a thin, low-profile string inside the pant that can be tied to keep the waist from gaping. They come in about 6 colors (a few posted above/below).

While the Dipper might seem a little expensive for an "athletic pant", I promise you, you'll get every cent out of these pants. You'll want to wear them every day. They feel great on, are super figure flattering and will look like new forever. You can also find the Dipper style in corduroy pants, shorts in three lengths and skinny pants.

Athleta has been a god-send to me as a tall/athletic female. For any athletic lady frustrated with clothing sizes, try Athleta out. You'll always be able to find clothes to fit - you really can count on Athleta! Look for more Cute Little Finds from Athleta to come!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smocked Tube Dress - Old Navy

This type of tube dress has been around for the last few years. And, while they aren't the most figure flattering (a tight tube top and loose fitting/no-shape body), they are surprisingly cute on...and so comfy. I've hesitated to buy this style because at almost 5'10", with muscular legs, I've never been able to find one long enough for me.

Before a recent vacation I was searching online for easy beach dresses/cover ups in tall/long sizes and happened upon these Smocked Tube Dresses from Old Navy. I don't do a lot of shopping at Old Navy, but was buying something from Banana Republic and decided to throw a plain black one in tall/medium in my cart to see how it fit. When I got it I was pleasantly surprised and ended up buying another one in green w/striped top (like pictured above and below). On the trip I wore them so much that when I came home I bought a blue one, orange one and black one (all w/striped top). I was disappointed that they no longer have just plain/solid colors (without the striped tube top), because I really like my plain black one best. I would've bought every color. Oh well...maybe next year (if they are still in style).

The quality isn't bad. The are just a simple, but sturdy cotton. I've washed mine quite and bit and they are still holding pretty well. At only $15.99, I expected them to fall apart after a wash or two. They come in tall, regular and petite sizes. The ones with the striped top seem a little bigger in the body and a touch longer, but not by much.

I've worn them as a swimsuit cover up; out to lunch/dinner outdoors with sandals, earrings and a long necklace and, most often, with a sweater, cute earrings, bangle bracelets and sandals to run errands. Below is a similar outfit to what I wore to run errands today. It took me about two minutes to get dressed and out the door.

I wore my plain black dress; antiqued gold earrings with similar shape to these, but with yellow, orange and reddish stones (sort of boho looking); these exact sunglasses, this sweater (which really deserves it's own post because I love it so much - super light...perfect for Spring/Summer) and these shoes (perfect little black flip flop, but don't look bummy)and a bag with similar shape, size and color, but different pattern. Easy and comfortable.

Items in this set:
Old Navy Womens Smocked Knit Tube Dresses, $15
Women's Apparel: Slubby open cardigan: cardigans sweaters | Banana..., $70
Product: Cole Haan Metal Aviator Sunglasses, $35
14K Gold Over Silver Matte Drop Leaf Earring : Target, $30

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Great Read: Jodi Picoult's Novels

I really enjoy reading. And, while I don't always make time to do it, since stumbling upon Jodi Picoult's My Sister's Keeper (before there was a movie), I've made it a point to read more. Actually, I'm not even sure that I've made it a point. Reading has sought me out. I just can't help but read more of her books because they just draw you in. I never want to put them down.

Picoult does a wonderful job of taking serious, often controversial subjects, and weaving a story the lets you truly see and feel things from every characters perspective. Even if you don't agree with a character's decisions/actions, somehow she let's you inside their minds and hearts to be able to empathize with the character and have some understanding. When you do agree, you feel their pain, happiness, struggle even deeper. The books are about families, communities, friends, hot button issues, love, pain, forgiveness and how all of those things intertwine together.

House Rules is the last book I've finished completely and may be the best one yet. I've read 10 her her 17 novels and am in the middle of my 11th, Second Glance (all read in one year). My goal is to finish them all by then end of 2010. Second Glance was a little slower to get going for me, but now that I'm about halfway into it, I'm really enjoying it.

Another thing that I like about Jodi Picoult is that she seems like a very humble, grateful and real person. It's refreshing to see someone with so much success without the huge ego that sometimes comes with it.

Go to right now and read more about Jodi and her great novels. We may not be talking about classic literature here, but we are talking about masterful storytelling that will keep you engaged every step of the way and leave you yearning for another great story.

Here's what some other people have said about her writing (from

Picoult is a skilled wordsmith, and she beautifully creates situations that not only provoke the mind but touch the flawed souls in all of us.”

— Boston Globe

“Turning the pages, all you’ll care about is what happens next. That’s the mark of pretty much every Jodi Picoult book, and it’s the reason she keeps topping best-seller lists.”

—San Antonio Express News

“Ms. Picoult has carved her own niche with her novels – one part romance, one part courtroom thriller, two parts social commentary.”

—Dallas Morning News

“Beginning with her first book… Picoult has refused to sweat the small stuff. She's concerned with love and truth, the blurry boundary lines implied by both. She forces the reader to look, however uncomfortable the experience might be, at complacent people who discover, much too late, the sad disparity between what they thought they knew and what they know now.”

— Orlando Sentinel Tribune

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Everyday Natural Lip Color - Blistex Lip Tone

I lucked upon this little wonder about 10 years ago and have had it in my arsenal ever since. While I love make up and getting dolled up, I don't go all out every day. Most days for work my make up is simple and natural...light foundation, powder, a little blush, mascara guessed it, my Blistex Lip Tone. It gives your lips the perfect, natural pink lip color. It's light and really moisturizing. It can be hard to find over the counter, but I have had no trouble finding it at when I need more.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Day: Mother's are Angels Necklace

I wanted to do a quick post on another find for Mother's Day. I bought this cute little necklace for my step mom (my "second mother" as I like to call her). She collects angels and when I saw this dainty little necklace, with it's uplifting message from I had to get it for her. It would be great for your own mother, "second mother", aunt, grandma, sister, name it. If you've got a "mother" in your life, it would be a nice gift on Mother's Day - or any time. Super sweet and cute! (It arrived to her last night and she loved the necklace...and the message!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tall Drink of...Lemonade - Final Sip (aka Pt 3): Gotta Nude Pair of Shoes, Mani & Pedi

Nine West Esmerelda - I've been looking for the perfect nude shoe for the last couple of years. This color is always a classic, but with nudes/neutrals so hot in this Spring's fashion line up, they are much easier to find right now. This one is so darling, and has a little extra texture & sass with the animal print. Beware though, it runs a half to a full size large. I got them at, because was out of the sizes I needed (sorry Zappos...I still love you!) They were on sale at Nine West - about $24 off...bonus! The animal print is more subtle than in the photo. They look great on the foot!

I have gone to buy Chanel's Inattendu (pictured in Part 1) twice and it's been out both times. I really wanted to try this shade for the wedding, but no luck. I guess I can't say it's a cute little find since I've yet to be able to try it, but in all of the pictures it looks lovely - a wonderful peachy nude color. See Nail of the Week to view a great picture of it on.

So, I'm sticking with my all time favorite, true nude nail, OPI's Samoan Sand. 2-3 coats and you have a perfect nude/flesh tone nail. Check out Imogen Foxy Locks blog for a great shot of the color.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Talk Drink of...Lemonade - Part 2: Pink-Coral Lips & Chandelier Earrings

The picture of Britney (below in Part 1) loosely represents my hair color and the makeup I'm going to wear to my friend's wedding, although my lip is going to be a touch more coral than hers.

Cute Little Pink-Coral, Layered Lips

Line and fill in lips with Chanel Le Crayon Levres Lip Liner in Pink Sugar.

Top with Chanel Rouge Coco Lipstick in La Pausa. Worn by itself, it's a fairly shear, every day color. It's a little shimmery for me on its own, but with the rest of these cute little finds, it makes a perfect pink-coral lip.

Top the La Pausa lipstick with Maybelline Volume XL Seduction Lip Plumper Gloss in Pouty Passion 110. A friend bought this for me - fun! While I don't notice much lip plumping (just a little tingle), it's a nice color. More pink than this picture shows. Also very shear on its own.

Finish the look with Estee Lauder's Pure Pops Lip Gloss in Fizzy Pear. I'm not sure if they make this gloss or shade anymore, but it's a super shear peach color - almost no color. Just provides a little extra shine without being too sticky.

*The next time I complete this yummy lip color, I'll post a picture.

These gold, white and pink Banana Republic Aurora chandelier earrings are the perfect size. Enough dangle to add interest, but not too long or heavy. The light pink is almost a nude color. Adds a touch of color, but still subtle. Pretty and girly - with a little sass!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tall Drink of....Lemonade - Part 1

Below is the outfit I'm wearing to a friend's wedding next weekend. There are so many cute little finds in this ensemble that I can't wait to share. I'll reveal a couple at a time over the next week.

I didn't want to look too much like rainbow sherbet, but couldn't resist the coral clutch. The colors just scream Spring time with a side of Summer on the way! And, with a just back from the beach tan...yummy colors!


Donna Morgan Belted Chiffon Dress - I wanted a yellow dress and probably looked at 50 or more. Everything was either too florescent or too pale. This color is perfect and super on trend this season. It's nice with a little tan and looks great with light colored hair - or darker, like on the model. It fits true to size. I bought this at I also found it at

Melie Bianco S9-220 Coral Clutch - I saw this bag at and thought the color was so dreamy - I just wanted to eat it. Many others must have felt the same way because I can't find the color anymore. It came in green, coral/pink and turquoise. The turquoise was still available this morning when I checked - and it's also an awesome Spring/Summer color. Might have to get this one too. It was fairly inexpensive, the quality feels nice, is pretty large for a clutch and has a solid magnet snap.
Have a great weekend!