Thursday, December 23, 2010

Warm Holiday Wishes

I know I've been really hit or miss lately with my blogging. So much going on...

  • IVF (find out tomorrow if the first round was a success)

  • Mama moved to town and we're busy working on her "new" 80 year old home (will post pics very soon - so cute!)

And, of course the holidays...

  • Getting ready for four parties - one already down, three more to go (of course, pics will come soon of the parties too)

If I'm not able to post before Christmas or the New Year I wanted to send Warm Holiday Wishes to everyone. Since it's freezing cold with snow all around in my neck of the woods, I look at this picture; featuring my favorite view, with the sand sugaring my toes and I smile. This is where I was last Christmas. No matter where you are this holiday season, I hope everyone is safe and very happy this time of year!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Goodies from Germany!

Sorry for the delay in posting. The IVF is under way so the last couple weeks have been eventful. Today was transfer day - fingers and toes crossed!

Thursday I received two boxes of chocolate and gummy (or gummi as the Germans say) goodness from a good friend living I'm Germany. As you can see it was a candy extravagana. One box I "ordered" to share for Christmas. The chocolate and gummies in Germany are unbelievable. Some of the brands you will see are available in the US, but many aren't the same formulation as straight from Germany.

The second bx was a special surprise that she had already sent out as a Christmas gift befor I placed my "order". Hubby and I had a ball going through the goodies. I had to snap a few quick pick with my iphone. Don't worry - we'll be sharing! Can you believe all this sugary loot?!

She recommended these Happy Hippos for the kiddos in our life. She said that the kids over there go crazy for them. We can see why! These might be the single best confection I've ever put in my mouth. Like an ice cream cone with chocoalte ganache and a vanilla cream cheese type ganache inside. They are so addictive...not sure if any will make it to the kids:) Do a search to see if you can import some in. They are Happy Hippos by Kinder.

My husband has been calling them Hungry Hippos rather than Happy Hippos. Cute!