Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cambria Cove - Mini Ceramic Candle by Voluspa

First, I just love the website/store Cambria Cove. It's filled with so many little delights and is just my kind of online store to browse. I love the unique gift ideas, home goods, jewelry...I can get lost on here. It's a "must-visit".

I was shopping here the other day and came accross these darling Voluspa candles.

If you've never smelled Voluspa's candles or oils - they are heavenly. You can find the most unique, long lasting scents and thier packaging is out of this world. Getting (or giving) a Voluspa candle is such a treat...feels like a real special, luxury gift.

I couldn't believe when I saw the sale price for these candles. Granted, they are pretty small, but the quality and the packaging alone makes them worth more than that. I think the regular price of around $15.00 is really fair for what you get. I got the blue - Pagoda and the yellow - Lemon Lily. The Pagoda smells so good...a tiny bit of fruit, a little bit of nature and a little bit of musk. It's the perfect blend. I haven't smelled the Lemon Lily because they come sealed so the lids don't come off and I don't want to break another seal. I know it smells great though - have never smelled a Voluspa that didn't smell good.

Run to your computer and scoop some of these up - if they are still available. I got about 6 and wish I would've bought 20. Such a great thing to have around the house when you need a cute little gift for someone special.


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