Sunday, August 15, 2010

kalla Design - Custom Fabric for Baby Shower

I wish I could tell you exactly how I found kalla Design, so I could thank whoever directed me to her. I'm thinking it might have been on Etsy, because I know she sells there, but just not sure. Anyway, Hitomi Kimura, the master behind kalla Design, is a talented textile artist and surfaces designer in Japan. She does custom designed, hand dyed, screen-printing on fabric, other textiles, fashion pieces, wallpaper, stationery and packaging.

I couldn't believe it when I found the fabric on the purse above. I immediately contacted her to see if she could whip me up some of this awesome fabric to go right in line with my theme for the baby shower in October (remember the cups from my last blog entry?). I didn't know if she would sell in smaller quantities, but she does.

She is so awesome to deal with and even tweaked the color of the fabric to match my colors exactly. I was surprised at how quickly she communicated with me - considering she's in Japan and there's quite a time difference. I got the fabric in hand in about a week - maybe less. It's gorgeous and super durable. It's a sturdy linen type fabric and is so special. Wait and see how I use it in the shower in a couple of months! Thank you for a great buying experience, Hitomi - and for beautiful work!

Here are some more samples of her work:

Check her out at or follow her on her blog at

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